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EESE Study References

Learning Outcome Subject Area Reference Book
1 Basic Electrical Units Jenneson
2 Power, Energy & Efficiency Electrical Fundamentals
3 Conductors & Insulators Electrical Fundamentals
4 Electrical Circuits Electrical Fundamentals
5 Ohms Law & Power Electrical Fundamentals
6, 7 & 8 Effects of Current Electrical Fundamentals
9 Meters & Measuring Jenneson
Other reference books Author Publisher
Electrical Principles for the Electrical Trade, 4th edition Jenneson, J. R. 1995 McGraw Hill, Sydney
Electrical Principles 1 Phillips, P. 1996 Thomas Nelsen, Melbourne
Electrical Principles Batty, I. 1996 Prentice Hall, Sydney
Mathematics for the Electrical Trade Van den Bergen, B. 1996 TAFE Publications, RMIT, Melbourne
Electrical Wiring Practice, 5th edition Pethebridge, K., Neeson, I. 1998 McGraw Hill, Sydney
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