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NUE 052 Practice Test No. 2 Answers

Question No. Answers - key to symbols: x = multiply, 32 = to the power of, / = divide
Q1 Mica is an insulator
Q2 Electroresistance is NOT a method of producing an EMF
Q3 Opposition to current flow is resistance
Q4 Current is halved
Q5 475mA can also be written as 0.475A
Q6 Power is double
Q7 The unit is watt
Q8 Connect a meter in parallel to measure voltage
Q9 Measure resistance with an Ohmmeter
Q10 Supply voltage is 15 volts
Q11 Power consumed is 690 watts
Q12 Light is NOT an effect of electric current
Q13 The current draw is 17 amps
Q14 Circuit 3 is correct
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