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NUE 054 - Resistors Download

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View of RCalc.exe
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How to use RCalc.exe
To increase a colour band value click with the left mouse button on the colour band. To decrease the value click with the right mouse button. In the image above the left most colour band is the most significant value then follows the least significant value just as you would write a number. From the above figure the first colour is brown and the second is black.
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Writing it down will give you 10 in decimal. The third colour band is the multiplier, which in this case is red. Red is equal to 100. Multiplying 10 by 100 will give you 1,000 or as shown above 1K. K stands for Kilo. If you see an M it stands for Mega, which is equal to 1,000,000. The fourth band is the tolerance band and indicates a percentage value by which the value of the resistor can change, for example: a tolerance of 5% on a 1K Ohm resistor would yield to a value between 950 and 1050 ohms.

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